Why choose PGR ?

First of all, having our refinery on site and purchasing catalysts directly from suppliers, without any intermediary, we can guarantee you the best prices in the industry.

We are among the only ones in this industry that can emit a 85% advance upon receipt of merchandise in our warehouse.

PGR issues an alert via email or text messaging as soon as your merchandise has indeed arrived at its destination. In addition, our personalized service allows you to manage your transport order, invoices, bank transfer status and more.

Collect 100% of the material

In addition, we are among the only ones in the industry not to extract metals with the guillotine or even the alligator shears. We have developed a new completely hermetic technology that allows 100% of the material to be collected, so this allows a greater return for our suppliers.

The environmental benefits

The catalytic converter is an essential element of the car which acts as a filter between the engine and the exhaust which makes vehicles less polluting. Recycling catalytic converters is essential in order to avoid environmental pollution by the metals contained in catalytic converters, in addition to giving them a second life!

Transportation of your merchandise

We offer to manage the transportation of your merchandise. Many options such as direct pick-up at your company by our experts or even by carrier. Our team sets up several quotations to find the safest, fastest transportation at the most competitive price. All the documents for the transport are taken in charge by our team and will be sent to you as soon as the pickup order is completed. All transported merchandise is insured by PGR for accidents, theft, fire, etc. Our insurances cover for several millions of dollars. 


Knowing that the price of precious metals can change quickly, Precious Groups Refining offers its suppliers the ability to lock in metal prices before shipping the merchandise to our facilities, commonly referred to as “Hedging”. This service therefore allows our suppliers to reduce risks when sending their equipment in addition to being able to lock prices at different times based on preliminary and final results.

This service is offered to both Canadian and international suppliers. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding this service and the different terms!

Our Catalog

Our suppliers have access to a catalog with thousands of catalytic converters in order to know the real-time price of their part. It's also possible for you to send us different catalytic converters so that we can analyze them in our laboratory and add them to the catalog, so you will be able to know the fair and real price of these.