Metals reservation

We offer our suppliers the reservation option for the amount and the price of metals according to the market price, with a 25 days delivery time. Thereafter, a 90% advance would be issued on reception of the merchandise.

Receiving goods

When the catalysts arrive to the warehouse, an alert is sent to you by Email or by text message. Immediately the catalysts are counted so we can give the maximum on a 90% advance.

Extraction of the material

PGR established a new technology allowing to overcome the competition and to collect 100% of the material. No guillotine and no alligator shears are used. All the ceramic is crushed and put into fine particles for sampling. All this is made in a hermetic process allowing optimal results.


Sampling is done directly with our new material extraction technology. So, it allows to have a better accuracy on the concentration of the precious metals in your merchandise. We double-check each lot with laboratory equipment at the cutting edge of technology.


We send to our suppliers the results as soon as the sampling stage is completed and this in a competitive time. A complete analysis will be issued with exact particle density per millions of Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium to calculate the exact value of your merchandise.


PGR offers you different payment methods such as:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Check
  • Certified Check
  • Cash**

PGR won’t charge you any transaction fees. So, according to the reservation of metals made, the surplus of metals is directly paid to you by one of the 4 payment options, but it’s also possible for you to sell these later.