Why chose PGR ?

Due to our strong presence on the precious metals market, we can guarantee you the best metals reservation in the catalyst industry. We are among the only ones in this industry to emit a 90% advance on reception of merchandise at our warehouse.

PGR is the only company in the area able to emit an alert via Email or by text message as soon as your merchandise has arrived at destination. Thereafter, a camera system is at your disposal, so you can track your merchandise at all time, all the way to the material extraction process. Furthermore, an online tracking system is at your disposal, so you can manage your transportation orders, your bills, bank transfers status and much more.

Access to more than 15000 catalysts

We also offer an application that will allow you to have access to more than 15000 catalysts which have been analyzed with the utmost care. The price of these fluctuates according to the precious metals market.

Collect 100% of the material

Furthermore, we are the only ones in the industry to do the metal extraction without guillotine nor alligator shears. We have developed a new technology totally hermetic permitting to collect 100% of the material allowing a greater return for our suppliers.

Estimation service of catalysts

PGR offers an estimation service of catalysts via Email, text message and even on our social medias. These will be taken in charge immediately by our experts and an answer will be issued to you as soon as possible. 

Transportation of your merchandise

We offer to manage the transportation of your merchandise. Many options such as direct pick-up at your company by our experts or even by carrier. Our team sets up several quotations to find the safest, fastest transportation at the most competitive price. All the documents for the transport are taken in charge by our team and will be sent to you as soon as the pickup order is completed. All transported merchandise is insured by PGR for accidents, theft, fire, etc. Our insurances cover for several millions of dollars.