North-American leader

Precious Groups Refining is a North-American leader working to buy automotive catalysts to do the extraction of precious metals like Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium. Our suppliers are the catalysts buyers, metal recyclers and even some individuals, thanks to the service of the representatives on the road.

Professional service

This company’s first goal is to stay dominant in our area while favoring our relationships with our suppliers. We have at heart to maintain our relations equitable and honest with them, giving them a fair price and an irreproachable professional service during all the metal refining process. By the way, it’s for that reason that PGR has bought millions of catalysts in the past few years. 

Technological leader

Furthermore, we would like to be known in the industry as the most innovative organization. It’s for that reason that we invest in amenities at the cutting edge of technology. It allows us to be the technological leader in the matter of precious metals extraction in the catalysts. 

Best service for our suppliers

Also, we continually invest into the development of our employees to have the best service for our suppliers. At PGR, we have the obligation to answer at all costumer’s interrogations no matter the amount of catalysts received and the duty to give a fair price according to the rise of the market. PGR stands out by the high level of knowledge of our staff and by our processes. This makes sure that the investments made by our suppliers in their catalysts are safe and profitable. 


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